Trying to handle your own website maintenance is like trying to fix your own car. Easy when all you had to do was change the oil and spark plugs. But, today, you’re better off leaving it to the specialists. The same applies to your website – particularly when it comes to dealing with malware!

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Cyber criminals don’t discriminate, so stop wondering if you’ll be attacked, that’s already happening. What we need to do is prevent them from getting through and damaging your business!

Malware Trends

“Noisy” and conspicuous website attacks that are easier to spot are giving way to more insidious weapons that often show no symptoms at all. As such, malicious files are less likely to be detected and removed once your site has been compromised.

In the past, many cybersecurity professionals have maintained that a basic review of all files on your site should allow you to detect suspicious and unusual content. But, what most don’t appreciate is that, today, hackers often bury their “attacks” several layers deep, easy to miss with just a surface scan.

A simple example – missing a hidden spam attack can decimate your search engine results, meaning lost customer trust and income. Without proper maintenance and protection, you’ll never be alerted, you won’t know what’s causing your problems and, as a result, you won’t be able to fix them!

Bots – What Are They?

By now you’ve heard of “bots”, but what is a bot? Firstly, it comes from shortening the word robot and, in computer terms, is defined as an autonomous program which can interact with systems or users by behaving like a human.

Did you know that in excess of 60% of all website traffic is generated by web bots masquerading as humans, and not real humans! Scary isn’t it…

Good bots do exist – like search engine crawlers that index your website pages – but, sadly, far more bot traffic has malicious intentions!

What makes it easy, also makes it vulnerable

Let me assume you’re always working to make your business better and more profitable. Sadly, cybercriminals are also constantly working to hone their craft. They’re getting better at their jobs meaning their attacks are getting harder to detect.

Plus, while advances in technology and automation have made it so easy to build a website (literally anybody can do it!), these same advances have made it simple to launch attacks – clicking a single button can automatically scan thousands of websites at once and exploit any vulnerabilities that are found.

Web robots launching coordinated and automated attacks might sound like science fiction, but they’re a real and growing threat to websites of all shapes and sizes.

And you can’t respond to these threats effectively without automation of your own, otherwise, to use an analogy from pre-internet days, it’s like taking a knife to a gunfight!

Don’t take it personally

All websites, regardless of size, are inherently at risk of attack. Short of removing everything about yourself and your business from the internet, there’s no way to completely eliminate the risks associated with being online. The best you can do is minimise those risks and mitigate the consequences.

Don’t take it personally, cybercriminals don’t discriminate based on a website’s size, industry or traffic.  In fact, smaller sites often provide easier targets due to the fewer security precautions in place.

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