Header – Partner Program

We develop strategic partnerships with selected design agencies, marketing companies and freelance developers by offering an innovative but simple and effective support solution.

What are you good at? Creative, design, content creation, getting people to act, developing and selling? Great! Well, what we’re good at is supporting people like you to make sure what you create, design, develop, communicate and sell keeps delivering 100% of the time, safe and secure.

You have clients who require ongoing website edits, performance enhancements, additional security and protection, and regular maintenance. We can provide the technical support so you can keep doing what you do best.

Move from being reactive to your clients, to being totally proactive with them – knowing we’ve got your back!

Together, what a team!

Plan Signup

As a Partner, you can sign up your existing clients as well as include the webmax365 program as part of any new WP site developments. We’ll handle the rest. You’ll receive a healthy monthly income for all your active Plans.

Totally Transparent

Your client will know you’ve partnered with another specialist to provide them with the very best maintenance service. We’ll answer their questions quickly and professionally. But, we clearly define what we do, and anything else is referred to you. Your client IS your client.

Flexible Options

Our direct clients can include support tasks like updating content and other small changes. For your clients, you may want to retain control of this as part of your ongoing support and site development. No problems. Our Partner Plans are flexible and can cover just core performance and security issues if this is all you need.

Monthly Reports

Each of your clients will receive a detailed monthly report outlining the specific performance and protection actions we’ve taken. You’ll receive a copy of this together with a copy of all other communications we have with your client.

Specialist Support

Stop training your staff to do maintenance – we’re the specialists. Instead, let them play to their strengths and, together, we’ll give your clients an experience they’ll rave about!

Recurring Revenue

Not only do you and your team free up your time for more productive and profitable creative activities, but you also generate a passive income that goes straight to your bottom line. You’ll make more money doing less!

Automated Systems

We don’t leave things to chance. Wherever possible, our systems and processes are fully automated to ensure services are delivered consistently for maximum results.


As part of the Partner Program your clients’ sites are exposed to multiple premium plugins like WP Rocket and Smush Pro that maximise their performance and protection.

Start Small…

Start with just one site. Give us your hardest client. Put us to the test and see exactly what we can do. Then you’ll truly understand how, together, we can unlock the full potential of your business.

Do what you do best,
and outsource the rest!

Can you keep doing it all yourself?

Of course you can, but why would you?

Partner with webmax365 and we’ll help you build a more valuable business.

Our Partner Program is not open to everyone. To find out more, and to see if we’re a good fit for each other, send us your details and let’s talk!