With an extensive background and skill set in IT consulting, technology strategy, website solutions and software development stretching back some 30 years, we’re ideally placed to create and deliver a range of solutions for the technology challenges you face, both now and as you grow.

webmax365 is a specialist solution for getting the maximum performance out of your WordPress website, while ensuring it also gets maximum protection as technology continues to evolve at an ever-faster rate.

However, we’re the first to recognise that most of our clients have little interest in the technology as such. Like you, they simply want solutions, outcomes and results that will continue to protect and transform their business.

Coming together as a team to share our wealth of experience, we understand the requirements of a growing business and the value of finding the right partners. So, you keep doing what you do best, and we’ll do the same.

Together… what a team!

David Floyd

David Floyd

As founder of First On The Beach, David’s committed to helping business owners unlock their full potential. This includes learning how to thrive in a crowded marketplace, to develop order out of chaos, and to achieve real freedom using their business as the vehicle for their escape.
Greg Lawrie

Greg Lawrie

Solutions Engineer

They call him “The IT Guru”!

Greg loves to solve problems. His diagnostic and analytical skills, and his thirst for learning, have formed the foundation for a business career that has moved from core technology applications to a role as consultant and tech strategist.

Laraine Floyd

Laraine Floyd

Operations Manager

Building a business is hard work and sometimes we just need a little help along the way. Laraine’s other business, Tracking Right, provides flexible systems and administrative support to reduce pressure on owners, allowing them to continually move their businesses in the right direction.