It’s not just about you and your business… what about your customers? Do they trust you?

“Companies must put cybersecurity and privacy at the forefront of business strategy to win their customers’ hearts” PwC, Consumer Intelligence Report

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While it’s critical to enhance your customer’s experience by getting your site to perform better, consumers are becoming more acutely aware of the risks associated with the internet.


… of consumers believe companies are vulnerable to hacks and cyber attacks


… of consumers don’t believe most companies handle their sensitive personal data responsibly.


… of consumers won’t do business with you if they have concerns about your security practices.


… of consumers say the amount of data they share with a company depends on how much they trust it.

The more a business can do to build trust in the security of their website, the more likely customers are to visit, stay, buy, return, and recommend.

That’s why security seals and shields are important. They provide reassurance to your customers that you’re aware of the risks and have invested in making your website secure.

Plus, very soon they’re going to start to notice when a site isn’t displaying one!

A call to action driven by customers’ concerns

As the frequency and scale of data breaches continue to rise, so do consumer worries. Companies must understand and address these concerns or risk losing business. To thrive in the new data economy, companies should:

Prioritise cybersecurity and privacy – Putting cybersecurity and customers’ privacy at the forefront of your business strategy—and backing it with proven security tactics—can help address consumer concerns and cement their loyalty.

Build trust through action – Rhetoric alone is not enough. Companies must implement robust data governance and give consumers more control over how their personal information is used.

Go beyond existing regulations – Consumers don’t think regulation is keeping up with innovation. Companies that do more than what’s required by law are likely to earn consumers’ trust.

Understand how consumers feel – Companies in industries considered less trustworthy should be particularly proactive in addressing consumers’ concerns.

Be transparent when using new technology – Companies that demonstrate they are using emerging technologies responsibly and transparently – and for consumers’ benefit – will not only strengthen customers’ trust, but also make it easier to engage with customers on a deeper level.

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