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We’ve chosen to specialise in web security and performance because,
while building a great website and driving people to it is important, so is delivering…

Maximum Security and Maximum Performance for your site, every day of the year.

Now, most of our clients are happy simply knowing their sites are available to their audience 24/7, without problems, without interruptions, and always looking fantastic.

However, for those of you who want to dig deep on all the things going on behind the scenes, here’s a summary of the key processes we run.

We’ve split them into three groups – Security, Performance and Maintenance.


Secure Cloud Backups

For peace of mind, and subject to your Plan, we backup your core files and database either hourly or daily to our remote and secure cloud storage facility on the Amazon S3 infrastructure.

Malware Scan

Your website is scanned automatically every day for any known or new malware. We also scan for any potential backdoors that have been opened in your system. But don’t worry, if we find anything, we’ll immediately begin the repair process.

Database Protection

SQL injection is a tech term for a hacker adding flawed content to your database, and is a very common form of attack. We secure your database to make sure these are locked out.

SSL Certificate

Where appropriate, we support the installation of an SSL certificate. Your website address will then start with https, giving all visitors confidence that the data on your site is encrypted for their protection.

Real-Time Monitoring

Attempts to hack your website are a constant threat, 24/7. We monitor websites for hack attempts in real-time, so we can respond to any security issues immediately and tighten security as needed based on the threat level.

Brute Force Protection

For your protection, we change your login URL, force strong passwords, establish a firewall and activate automated IP blocking to prevent anyone from forcing their way into your site.

Firewall Installation

Installing a firewall is one of the best ways to keep hackers and spammers “on the outside”. In addition, this can effectively block any suspicious traffic.

Custom Login URL

If required, we change the login to your dashboard from the generic WP details to your own, unique address. Importantly, this makes it much harder for bots to find your login page.

IP Tracking

Intelligent network blocking is used to exclude traffic from specific locations. For example, if someone tries to access your dashboard or files more than the specified number of times, we immediately lock out their IP address.

File Permissions

To minimise the chances of malicious code and content being introduced to your site, file permissions are monitored so only people you designate can amend or add to your files.

Two-Factor Authentication

A simple but highly effective security option is to implement two-factor authentication for your WordPress dashboard. In addition to your normal access credentials, a code is sent to your mobile device to log in.

Trusted Sources Verified

The source of all plugins and themes is verified as secure and trusted. We strongly recommend all elements on your website are authenticated by wordpress.org.

CTA What We Do - Security
Maximum Security and Maximum Performance

No Contracts - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Database Cleaning & Optimisation

Depending on your Plan, we clean your WordPress database either daily or weekly to keep your website running at top speed.

Image Optimisation

We optimise all existing images without loss of quality, then set your site up to do this automatically for any future images you upload.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

We ensure your website is fully responsive on mobile devices and all major browsers, and that correct fonts, and menu and page navigations are displaying properly.

Manage Spam Comments

We review and remove spam comments. This keeps your website and dashboard uncluttered and helps to optimise your database for maximum speed and search engine rankings.

Lazy Loading Assets

We configure your site for Lazy Loading, a simple but effective process of loading images, videos and other assets only as needed. This reduces page load time and saves bandwidth.

Minify Scripts and CSS

We concentrate all scripts and styles, minify and compress them, add expiring headers, cache your website and move scripts to the footer and styles to the page header. This results in significantly quicker load times.

Monitor DNS Changes

We scan your website every day checking for any DNS changes as these could, potentially, result in your website going offline.

File Compression

To reduce loading times and deliver a faster website, we configure Gzip which reduces the size of your website files. This enhances both your search results and user experience.

Modify Render Blocking

To enhance the loading time of your site we move JavaScript and CSS files well out of the way.

CTA What We Do - Performance
Maximum Security and Maximum Performance

No Contracts - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Fully Automated Systems

Backups and other services are scheduled to cause little or no interference to the optimal operation of your site. By automating our systems, we never leave anything to chance.

Selective Backups

Backup everything or select only those files that need to be sent to the cloud. Our systems are flexible and cater for your specific requirements.

Simple, 1-Click Restore

No more fuss. If you need to restore your site from any of the backups we’ve made, this is a simple, 1-click process.

Inactive Plugins Managed

All plugins, even those you’re disabled, can act as potential backdoors if they’re not kept up to date. So, we review all the plugins you’ve downloaded and remove any that are not required by your site.

Security Keys

We’ll configure a set of random variables that further harden the WordPress login process to fend off brute force attacks, making it even more difficult to crack your password.

Broken Link Scan

Links that send your site visitors to suspicious external content or broken pages will, as appropriate, be adjusted as part of our daily scan of your website.

Gutenberg Upgrade

If you’re not already a user, we’ll assist with the upgrade to the new Gutenberg editor, making sure there are no messy incompatibility issues.

Multiple Sites?

No problems, we’ll manage your backups and maintenance no matter whether you have a single site or you’re looking after hundreds.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll know exactly what’s being done to your site with a detailed monthly report covering updates, traffic, performance and malware status.

CTA What We Do - Maintenance
Maximum Security and Maximum Performance

No Contracts - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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