Maintaining Your Website Is No Longer Optional!

A website is essential in business today, and WordPress is one of the best. But, imagine if the statistics above related to a disease or medical condition, we wouldn’t hesitate to invest in strategies to prevent them.
So, let’s get serious and accept that web security and its consequences for your business have become an “epidemic”… one where prevention is not only far easier, but also significantly cheaper, than the cure!

Software Updates

Your WordPress site and supporting software need to be kept up to date, so they’re always delivering Maximum Performance. Updates to core code, themes and plugins need to be tested, scheduled and applied consistently to maintain Maximum Security.

Website Backups

Choose to protect your website and database with secure off-site backups made either every day or even every hour if required. So, if security issues do occur your website can be quickly and easily restored to a previous stable state.

Maximum Performance

Ensuring all the features on your site are working properly is a critical measure of performance. Others include fixing broken links, optimising the speed of your site and reviewing ways you can improve your content for better search results and an enhanced customer experience.

Uptime Monitoring

One of the most visible measures of Maximum Performance is having your site online 24/7. This requires constant monitoring of your uptime to ensure the site is visible to your audience without problems, without interruptions and always looking fantastic!

Security Monitoring

One of the most disturbing things about malware and other threats is that they can sit on your website for months without you even noticing. The need to remain vigilant and proactive is constant, and includes scanning your site in real time for malware and known vulnerabilities. And, if they do get through, you’ll need to fix them!

Detailed Monthly Report

Maintaining a valuable business asset shouldn’t be based on guess work. Every month you need to understand the specific updates that have been applied. You need to measure your site traffic and uptime stats, page speed, what backups you hold and your current malware status. This provides proof you’re getting Maximum Security and Maximum Performance.

You could do all this yourself, or you could just…

Do What You Do Best, And Outsource The Rest!

How important is your website to your business, and how valuable is your time? You’re here because you already know the answers…
In a rapidly changing digital landscape, some things remain constant.
Threats will continue to grow and become increasingly covert, and attackers will continue to evolve their craft using the latest tools and techniques.
So, secure and maximise the performance of your online assets by partnering with the specialists, webmax365.
We’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

What You Get

Peace of Mind

Your website is fundamental to your continued business success and webmax365 delivers peace of mind that it’ll be available for your audience 24/7, without problems, without interruptions, and always looking fantastic!

Credibility & Trust

The dynamic webmax365 Shield is a trusted symbol, not only showing you’ve invested in making your site safe and secure, but this confidence will generate more leads, increased conversions and greater profitability for your business.

A Specialist Team

As with any significant asset you’ve invested in, like cars and buildings, you call in the experts to keep them running at their best. As Web Specialists, this is all we do, so you can keep doing what you do – growing a successful business.

Your Choice Of Plans


We’ve got all the basics covered – core security, code, theme and plugin updates, secure off-site backups, up-time monitoring and monthly reporting. We even include maintenance of your eCommerce sites at no extra cost!

Essentials PLUS

Perfect if your website is constantly changing with product and content updates. You get all the great benefits of the Essentials Plan, PLUS priority support and regular DAILY scans for malware and other vulnerabilities.


Security is important but so is optimising the true performance of your site. This includes enhancing speed and vulnerability detection. Dedicated support includes updates to your website and help implementing key business growth strategies.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Cancel Anytime

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