1. You Can Cancel Your Plan Anytime. Cancellation will take effect from your next renewal. However, if you cancel in the first 30 days we’ll also refund your initial payment. All Plan Subscriptions are shown in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.
  2. Support Tasks include any maintenance task requiring, on average, 30 minutes or less to complete. We can make content and image updates, theme or style sheet adjustments, configure forms, add new blog posts or set up additional pages. We’ll take care of almost anything that isn’t a major change or fix. However, adding functionality to your website that does not already exist, such as eCommerce or a membership plugin etc., are not included as part of the monthly support tasks and will require a separate project proposal.
  3. The Quarterly CMS & Website Build Review is exactly what the name suggests, an opportunity to spend time together reviewing the effectiveness of your website based on your goals for the next 3 months, and considering ways it can be improved. We’ll look at new plugins that could add another dimension to your site, and discuss content and image enhancements that will not only improve your visitors’ experience but will get you appearing more often in search results.
  4. Quarterly Business Growth focuses on your strategy for building a successful business that can ultimately operate without you. This highly interactive session is made available as part of the 20/20 Boardroom Program delivered by our CEO.